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2020 Nissan kick review - For sale at our Dealership in brandon

2020 Nissan kick review - For sale at our Dealership in brandon

If you're planning on purchasing a new 2020 Nissan Kicks in Brandon, then you might be wondering more about this snazzy car.  With its sporty looks and smooth body lines, you'll appreciate the aerodynamic push you'll get. The Nissan Kicks will kick-start your mornings as you traverse to work or play, and it's sure to tick off all the boxes for the things you want in a ride. Take the first step to find your Nissan Kicks for sale at a dealership in Brandon. Let's take a closer look at what you can expect from the 2020 Nissan Kicks.

Exterior and Interior Styling


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The Nissan Kicks stands out from the crowded street with its signature looks. From the bold colors to the interior's detailed stitching, you'll appreciate the fine details of this vehicle. There are many color combinations that allow you to customize the Kicks. Accents and interior details are a few of the changes you can make. There is even a contrasting roof option. For example, you can go with a gray body color and orange roof or a white body color and red roof.

2020 Nissan Kicks Performance and Engine


You'll find the 1.6L engine quite efficient. It delivers 122 hp. With this engine and the car's lightweight design, you can get farther on a tank of fuel. There are plenty of extra features that serve to enhance utility of the vehicle. Whether you are driving around town or needing to be on curvy, mountainous roads, the Kicks adapts with the added features. Some of these features include:


Intelligent Trace Control -- this feature watches for the curves in the road. It can actually see and feel them while you're driving. When you approach one, your car will modify your wheels motion, grip, and braking action thus hugging the road while you cruise the curves.
Intelligent Engine Brake -- this feature uses the continuously variable transmission to get you  the right amount of braking when you decelerate. Therefore, you get a smoother stop.

Active Ride Control --speed bumps won't be a bother anymore. When your Nissan Kicks recognizes the bump, it applies the right amount of braking so you have smooth action.

Safety and Technology


Safety is a priority with the Nissan Kicks. There are a total of ten airbags that surround you and your passengers. They will be there to cushion you if an accident occurs. But that's not the only safety features. Others include:


  • Vehicle Dynamic Control and Traction Control System
  • Auto Emergency Braking With Pedestrian Detection

  • Rear Auto Braking

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

  • Blind Spot Warning

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • High Beam Assist

  • Intelligent Around View Monitor                                                 


Get Started Today


Take a test drive in a Nissan Kicks today. Stop by our lot and check out the inventory. We have a large selection for you to look at. A professional sales associate will work with you to select the perfect one. We can also help with financing. Get in touch today!


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