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Nissan Pathfinder in our Dealership

Nissan Pathfinder in our Dealership

Nissan Pathfinder in our Dealership

2020 Nissan Pathfinder 7 Seater SUV | Nissan Canada


Quality and reliability

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Good longevity. As wear parts offer a good service life. For example, the front brake pads have a service life of 60,000 km and the discs 100,000 km. A few cases of vibrations at around 110 km/h have been noted. The cause is a warping of the driveshaft from 20,000 km onwards.

Two emergency seats

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There is enough space on board for a family and the trunk is not totally sacrificed. The rear passengers in the second row are not mistreated, quite the contrary, and can even benefit from independent heat and airflow adjustment via four nozzles. Reclining seat backs add to comfort. However, it's unfortunate that the space under the front seats doesn't provide enough room for your feet. But that's nothing compared to the third row. Two adults will hardly be able to travel more than a few minutes in the third row, as these seats can be used to transport children.

Good general comfort

The interior modularity is smart. All the seats are easy to handle without dismantling and form a perfectly flat floor when folded down. The high perched loading sill will require some effort. In terms of comfort, apart from the sound of the engine, which is too present when accelerating, air and road noise are far from invasive. Finally, the suspension filters out road irregularities well.

Mechanics, unique model

Generally speaking, there are not many choices in this category. And Nissan doesn't bother with superfluous proposals: since February 2007, only one engine is available. Previously, the option was a 4-litre petrol V6 that convinced very few customers. Its appetite and high maintenance costs had the last word. However, with 269 hp, it offers good driving pleasure




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