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Nissan Intelligent Mobility is an advanced suite of integrated technologies. They're designed to enhance your safety, comfort, and control when driving your Nissan vehicle. This innovative suite encompasses three critical focus areas. They greatly influence how you interact with your car. They are power, driving experience, and integration with society.


Nissan Intelligent Driving


Nissan Intelligent Driving is a comprehensive suite of driver-assist programs. They're designed to enhance your driving experience. It assists you in navigating heavy traffic and finding convenient parking areas.


Propilot Assist

ProPilot Assist is an advanced technology developed to provide enhanced driving assistance. It ensures a smoother and more convenient driving experience. This innovative system combines Nissan's Intelligent Cruise Control and Steering Assist technologies. They assist you in following traffic and keeping your vehicle centred in your lane. ProPilot Assist also includes the Navi-link feature. It synchronizes with your vehicle's navigation system. 


Propilot Park

If your car is parked in a tight spot and you can't open the doors on either side, don't worry! You can still control your vehicle using ProPilot Park and an intelligent key from outside. When you give a command for the car to move slowly, it will intelligently identify the type of parking spot. The vehicle is equipped with 12 sonar sensors on its front and rear bumpers, which can detect any obstacles in your path. When it detects a signal to move, it will rely on the sonar sensors' information.


Intelligent Power


Nissan is committed to providing people with cleaner and quieter power. It offers instant torque and zero emissions. This mission extends globally as the company works to create a more sustainable and responsible future for everyone.


E-Pedal: One-Pedal Control

Experience the convenience of one-pedal driving with Nissan's e-Pedal. With this innovative feature, you can effortlessly accelerate and decelerate. You can come to a complete stop using just a single pedal. To accelerate, simply press the pedal downward. When you want to slow down or decelerate, all you have to do is release the pedal. 


Efficient Power

Nissan's electric vehicles have a robust and dependable battery. This offers ample power to accelerate your car to maximum speeds with zero gas emissions. To enhance your driving range, the system also includes a gasoline engine, which acts as a generator to produce electric power. This means you can enjoy a fantastic driving experience without worrying about range anxiety.


Intelligent Integration


With Nissan's Intelligent Integration, vehicles can seamlessly adapt to their surroundings. They can share valuable information and insights with other drivers, cars, and the community.


Seamless Autonomous Mobility

The Seamless Autonomous Mobility system is a cutting-edge technology. Its main objective is to assist driverless vehicles in navigating through unpredictable situations. By leveraging this technology, multiple cars can exchange valuable information. This will contribute to their smooth operation on the road.


EV Charging Infrastructure

Nissan is committed to providing efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). This ensures long-lasting power that can be utilized throughout the day. You can charge your car from anywhere with Nissan's ever-expanding power solutions. This allows for seamless and convenient charging experiences.


Vehicle to Home

Nissan offers a unique feature that allows your vehicle to serve as a reliable backup power source for your home, the grid, or those in need. With the Nissan LEAF, you can store renewable energy generated. This can be done with solar panels installed at your home and utilizing that power during the evening hours.




NissanConnect is a comprehensive suite of features and applications. It's designed to provide you with effortless connectivity between your Nissan vehicle and devices.


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